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Genus: Evarcha Simon, 1902 | key
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    Evarcha michailovi Logunov, 1992      []
    Description male

    Prosoma brown to dark brown, with two longitudinal stripes composed of white setae. Black around eyes and transverse line of white setae above anterior eye row. Clypeus orange and covered with thin white and orange setae. Sternum and chelicerae orange-brown. Gnathocoxae and labium orange-brown with white tips. Legs brown with yellowish metatarsi and tarsi. Femora and tibiae darker, usually dark brown.

    Dorsum either monochromously dark gray or dark gray with markings of a longitudinal black line, two white oval spots on the front line and transverse black lines on the sides. Venter lighter, brown gray. Book-lung covers and spinnerets brownish-gray.

    Similar to E. laetabunda but with larger body size, thicker embolus rounded at tip and structure of the tibial apophysis.

    Prosoma length 2.08-2.85 mm, width 1.53-2.13 mm; opisthosoma length 1.88-2.75 mm, width 1.25-2.00 mm.

    Body length male: 3.96-5.60 mm

    Description female

    Coloration as in male (slightly lighter), except as follows: coxae and basal parts of all femora yellow.

    Similar to E. laetabunda but with more heavily sclerotized epigynal plate and different structure of the spermathecae.

    Prosoma length 2.38-2.75 mm, width 1.80-2.00 mm; opisthosoma length 3.00-3.13 mm, width 1.50-1.65 mm.

    Body length female: 3.38-5.88 mm

    Additional information

    On shrubs in slope steppes and in glades along edges of mixed forest.

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    Distribution comment: Caucasus; Belgium: Alderweireldt & Janssen (2017)

    Global distribution (World Spider Catalog 2017): Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Macedonia, Turkey, Russia, Central Asia, China


    male female

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