Gnaphosidae  Pocock, 1898 / Zelotes  Gistel, 1848   108 species

Zelotes talpinus  (L. Koch, 1872)


Embolus long and bent, with sickle-shaped apophysis. Epigyne in anterior epigyne area with parallel, lateral cuticular folds. Prosoma black-brown to black. Legs brighter than prosoma. Femur I with bright spot. Opisthosoma black-brown to black.

Body length male: 4.7-5.1 mm
Body length female: 5.7-6.3 mm
Additional information

up to 2000 m

  No data
Distribution comment: Not on the Balkans (Chatzaki 2010b) - see Z. olympi
Global distribution (WSC 2018): Europe
 male  female

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