Amaurobiidae  Thorell, 1870 / Amaurobius  C. L. Koch, 1837   35 species

Amaurobius ruffoi  Thaler, 1990


Prosoma yellowish brown, with faint striae. Prosoma length: 2.8 mm. Opisthosoma: light grey-yellow, dorsally with square, black spot in anterior part, which continues in a dark longitudinal stripe posteriorly. Chelicerae red-brown to dark brown. Sternum yellow-brown. Legs yellowish, with fain annulations on tibiae and ventral side of femora. Tibial apophysis with broad lateral process, median process short and broad.

Body length male: 5.4-7.0 mm

Prosoma length: 3.2 mm. Colouration as in males. Epigyne with lateral parts, reaching beyond median part posteriorly.

Body length female: 6.0-8.6 mm
Additional information

in litter layer of mixed beech forests, only in Vincentine Alps, 800-1700 m

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Global distribution (WSC 2018): Italy

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