Agelenidae  C. L. Koch, 1837 / Textrix  Sundevall, 1833   6 species

Textrix denticulata  (Olivier, 1789)


Tibial apophysis symmetrical, pointed. Epigyne with heart-shaped epigynal plate, with a protrusion. Prosoma black, with silver-white longitudinal band. Legs brown, with black spots and annulations. Opisthosoma mostly black, dorsally with reddish brown longitudinal band that is sometimes white spotted on margins. Spinnerets strikingly long.

Body length male: 5.7-8 mm
Body length female: 7-9 mm
Additional information

In small funnel webs, in sunny forest edges and on walls of buildings

  No data
Global distribution (WSC 2018): Europe, Turkey
 male  female

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