Araneidae  Clerck, 1757 / Araniella  Chamberlin & Ivie, 1942   7 species

Araniella displicata  (Hentz, 1847)


Male palp with short median apophysis, hook-like bent toward the tip. Tegulum more basally with pointed tooth on margin. Epigyne with very broad scapus, arc-like tapering, covers epigyne almost entirely, only narrow lateral parts of epigyne visible. Prosoma light brown, mostly unicoloured. Male: sometimes with dark marginal band. Legs brownish. Opisthosoma rust-red to reddish brown, often pointed anteriorly, dorsally with 3-4 (5) pairs of black, mostly strikingly large lateral spots, remaining part sometimes with pattern, mostly females ventrally often with 4 unequally distinct, yellow spots within dark median area, anterior pair often merged.

Body length male: 4-4.5 mm
Body length female: 6-11 mm
Additional information

mainly on young pines

  No data
Global distribution (WSC 2018): North America, Europe, Russia to Kazakhstan, China, Korea, Japan
 male  female

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