Agelenidae  C. L. Koch, 1837 / Tegenaria  Latreille, 1804   89 species

Tegenaria rilaensis  Deltshev, 1993


Resembles T. campestris and T. montana. Palp: Characteristic tibial apophysis. Trichobothria on cymbium absent. Dorsal branch of retrotibial apophysis broadly elongated and protruding, distally bifid.

prosoma length: 3.0 mm, prosoma width: 2.6 mm.


Resembles T. campestris and T. montana. Epigyne: Genital openings separate, not situated in a common furrow.

prosoma length: 3.0 mm, prosoma width: 2.3 mm.

Additional information

Under Stones in mountain and high mountain areas.

  No data
Global distribution (WSC 2018): Macedonia, Bulgaria

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