Trachelidae  Simon, 1897 / Trachelas  L. Koch, 1872   2 species

Trachelas minor  O. P.-Cambridge, 1872


Prosoma yellowish to reddish brown, densely covered with granules. Prosoma length: 1.00 mm. Chelicerae reddish brown, pro- and retromargin each with 2 small teeth. Sternum minutely granulated, light yellow-brown, margin darker. Legs light yellowish brown, distal segments somewhat darker than femora. Opisthosoma pale yellowish grey, posterior quarter chocolate brown with thin white chevrons; dorsal scutum narrow, orange-yellow, shining.

Body length male: 1.80-2.10 mm

Prosoma, chelicerae, sternum and legs as in males. Prosoma length: 1.09 mm. Opisthosoma pale yellowish grey, with chocolate brown, lancet-shaped median band, posterior quarter dark with white chevrons, scutum absent.

Body length female: 1.78-3.5 mm
Additional information

In grassland and on trees (Spain: Citrus trees).

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Global distribution (WSC 2017): Mediterranean to Central Asia, West Africa
 male  female

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