Philodromidae  Thorell, 1870 / Pulchellodromus  Wunderlich, 2012   9 species

Pulchellodromus ruficapillus  (Simon, 1885)


Tibia I with three pairs of ventral spines. Palp: conductor compact, truncate with small retrolateral tip, sperm duct loop symmetric, without descending part, embolus hidden in ventral view, its very tip sometimes visible, embolar base membraneous.

Prosoma length: 1.3-1.8 mm.


Tibia I with three pairs of ventral spines. Epigyne: keel of median septum wide, copulatory ducts shorter than diameter of receptacula, sclerotised arches of median keel conspicuous, copulatory ducts wide (1/2 diameter of receptacula), glandular
hump large.

Prosoma length: 1.5-1.8 mm.

  No data
Global distribution (WSC 2018): Mediterranean to Kazakhstan

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