Gnaphosidae  Pocock, 1898 / Cesonia  Simon, 1893   1 species

Cesonia aspida  Chatzaki, 2002


Palp male: with spines on femur and patella. Tibial apophysis slender, claw-like. Conductor with membranous lobe and sclerotised ventral tip. Embolus small and tapering, additionally with thin lateral branch with bipartite end. Epigyne weakly sclerotised laterally, opened toward epigastric furrow. Vulva with bilobed spermatheca. Prosoma with variable colour, from dark brown to grey-black, with 3 bright and 2 dark longitudinal stripes, distance between posterior median and lateral eyes smaller than distance between posterior median eyes. Chelicerae with small fangs and 3 teeth on posterior cheliceral furrow margin. Tarsus I-II with scopula. Opisthosoma variably coloured (cf. prosoma), with 2 dorsal, bright bands and a dark median and 2 lateral bands, males with anterior scutum.

Body length male: 4.3-5.6 mm
Body length female: 7.8 mm
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In sandy habitats and in Phrygana near the coast up to 1400 m

Frequency: Widely distributed

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Global distribution (WSC 2017): Crete, Turkey
late spring to autumn

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