Synaphridae  Wunderlich, 1986 / Synaphris  Simon, 1894   3 species

Synaphris lehtineni  Marusik, Gnelitsa & Kovblyuk, 2005


Male palp relatively short with typical lamella, no tibial apophyses present, tibia round and lying near cymbium. Cymbium capsule-like, bipartite, one part round and covered with hairs, the other one transparent, hairless, semicircular with long furrow. Embolus long, whip-like and thin, roundish at base. Epigyne oval. Vulva with entrance duct twisted 3-4 times and globular receptaculum. Prosoma brown, slightly wrinkled, with black margins. Sternum brown. Chelicerae with big tooth. Opisthosoma grey-brown to black.

Body length male: 0.96-1.09 mm
Additional information

Found in steppy, grassy slope with spiny shrubbery, Crimea. This species constructs a sheet web.

Frequency: Very rarely found

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Global distribution (WSC 2018): Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine

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