Ctenizidae  Thorell, 1887 / Ummidia  Thorell, 1875   3 species

Ummidia picea  Thorell, 1875


Prosoma without hairs, finely striated and granulated, with 2 brown lines running from anterior lateral eyes to clypeus edge, cephalic part slightly elevated. Prosoma length: 5.6 mm. Chelicerae: dorsal part black, ventral part brown, cheliceral furrow with 5 prolateral and 5 retrolateral teeth. Sternum greyish brown, lateral parts lighter. Legs: dorsal side with black streaks, ventral side greyish, tarsi and metatarsi I-II light, with scopula. Opisthosoma: dorsum purplish brown, with irregular creamy blotches, venter yellowish brown.

Body length male: 13.3 mm

Prosoma brown, smooth, shiny. Prosoma length: 9.5 mm. Chelicerae: dorsal part dark brown to black, ventral part light orange-brown, cheliceral furrow with 2 irregular rows of 7 or eight teeth. Sternum light brown, margins darker. Legs: dorsal sides dark brown, ventral sides lighter, ventral sides of femora III-IV light yellowish brown. Opisthosoma evenly covered with fine setae, dorsum purplish grey mottled with lighter blotches, venter unicoloured, lighter.

Body length female: 26.0 mm
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Global distribution (WSC 2018): Spain

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