Araneidae  Clerck, 1757 / Larinioides  Caporiacco, 1934   5 species

Larinioides cornutus  (Clerck, 1757)


Male palp with slender ends of median apophysis. Epigyne with slender scapus. Prosoma light brown or yellowish. Remaining parts of the body very variable in colour, from almost white to yellowish or dark brown. Opisthosoma with pronounced pattern.

Body length male: 5-10.4 mm
Body length female: 6-20 mm
Additional information

In meadows and forest edges, mostly near waters

Frequency: Very frequent

  No data
Global distribution (WSC 2018): North America, Europe, Turkey, Israel, Caucasus, Russia (Europe to Far East), China, Korea, Japan
 male  female

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