Linyphiidae  Blackwall, 1859 / Saloca  Simon, 1926   2 species

Saloca kulczynskii  Miller & Kratochvil, 1939


Prosoma yellow-brown, male: head raised slightly and compressed at sides, a row of stout, forward-directed bristles runs from each posterior median eye to the corresponding anterior median eye. Embolus forming a loop. Legs yellow-brown to grey-brown. Opisthosoma yellowish white to light grey-brown.

Body length male: 1.0-1.2 mm
Body length female: 1.0-1.2 mm
Additional information

Among leaf litter and low vegetation in mountain fir-beech and spruce forests

Character states from linyphiid key
  No data
Global distribution (WSC 2018): Central, Eastern Europe

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