1. To whom can I send error reports / suggestions for keys?

A. Wrongly assigned drawings.

In case you encounter wrongly assigned drawings, please use the comment function which you will find in the "species sheet" of the corresponding species. In this case, the error reports can be promptly fixed.
In order to use the comment function, you have to be a registered user.

B. General errors or suggestions

At the moment only possible via email. Please describe the error / suggestion as precisely as possible (e.g. with help of a screenshot) and submit the information to info@theoblick.de.

C. New keys or part of keys

In case you want to contribute a key or a new part of a key, please contact one of the editors.

We appreciate your collaboration!


2. How can I link from external ressources to araneae.unibe.ch?

Links to keys at family level

Format with family name *
Example: https://araneae.unibe.ch/key-fam/Agelenidae

Format with family id **
Example: https://araneae.unibe.ch/genkey/37

Links to keys at genera level

Format with genus name *

Example: https://araneae.unibe.ch/key-gen/Atypus

Format with genus id **

Example: https://araneae.unibe.ch/specieskey/37

Direct links to species datasheet

Format with taxon name *

Example 1: https://araneae.unibe.ch/taxondata/Araneus_diadematus
Example 2 subspecies: https://araneae.unibe.ch/taxondata/Lathys_humilis%20meridionalis

Format with species id **
Example: https://araneae.unibe.ch/data/79

Format with species LSID (World Spider Catalog)
Example: https://araneae.unibe.ch/speclsid/16119

* Nomenclature will always follow the latest version of the World Spider Catalog
** Please contact Daniel Gloor (gloord(at)bluewin.ch) for the current list of taxon ids.

3. Is araneae optimized for a specific browser?

Answer: No. If you are using an up-to-date browser with JavaScript enabled, you can use all the features of araneae. Nevertheless, if you are experiencing problems using araneae.unibe.ch please contact Daniel Gloor (gloord(at)bluewin.ch).